Tax Time 2023!

Tax Time!2023-01-09T17:43:51-05:00

Coming soon… a real update!!

We are getting things ready for the 2023 season, so hang on, we’ll have more soon!!

One is a toy axolotl, one is a potato! No way to tell the difference!

New clients, please click here.


2022 organizers are available for all clients.

Organizers are completely optional!  You can print it out and write on it, of type into directly, or just use it as a guideline to help you make sure you have everything you need.

Or you can ignore it!

Current clients will have a personalized organizer automatically uploaded to their portal.  If you do not use the portal just let us know and we can email the organizer to you.

New clients, here is a link to a blank organizer.  It covers pretty much every situation, including farms!  So you only need to use what applies to you.

The Portal!

There are references to the portal below.  Our portals are simply secure online mailboxes.  You can put pretty much anything digital into the portal and don’t need to worry about it falling into the wrong hands.

The portals automatically clean out after six weeks.  So when we put something into the portal for you, like your tax return, it won’t be there forever.  We can always put things in again, but best practice is to download your documents from us and save them on your end.

Least contact return preparation RECOMMENDED

There are several options for getting your tax documents to me.

Drop off at 4591 Indianola Ave: You can drop documents any time.  During business hours you can leave at the front desk, enter through the back entrance.  If we are not in the office you can drop documents (in an envelope please!) through our mail slot.  The slot is a little smaller than the old one, but a 10×13 half inch thick envelope will fit if flexible!  Rigid plastic document sleeves will not fit!

Upload to your secure portal:  You can upload pdfs (recommended) or scans or photos of your tax documents to a secure portal you can access through my website.  Let me know if you need a portal and we will set one up.

Emailing documents is not recommended, as it is the least secure way to get things to me.  If you plan to email anything please let me know ahead of time.

And believe it or not, we still have a fax machine!  Faxes are still considered pretty darn secure, even though it is an old technology.  I am happy to provide our fax number, just ask.

Once your return is complete we can upload your return to you through the secure portal, or have a paper return ready for a quick pick up.  We can also mail your return to you, but we will need to charge postage.

Signing and paying remotely can be confusing.  We do not have the ability on our end to sign documents electronically.  We looked into it and it is simply too expensive.  For forms and documents that need to be signed we accept any of the following:

Sign documents electronically using your own software, and upload to the portal;

Print documents and sign paper copies, then scan (or take a photo) and upload to the portal;

Print documents and sign paper copies, then mail back to us;

We can mail you the paper forms, you sign and then mail back to us.

For payments we can accept checks, or we can also bill through Square and you can use a debit or credit card.

In person appointments

In person appointments will be kept to a minimum and must be made at least 48 hours in advance.  Masks are no longer required for in person appointments, however we may change that policy if there is an uptick in local infections.  And of course, if you are feeling sick please help us by wearing a mask, rescheduling your appointment, or requesting a remote appointment instead.

In person appointments are limited to 20 minutes.