Sanity in the time of Coronavirus

Sanity in the time of Coronavirus

With the deadline for filing all federal, Ohio and local tax returns extended to July 15, my workload has shifted quite a bit, and I have had some unexpected family time.  Generally this means coming home “early” and sitting on the couch and watching TV with my girls until I can go to bed without being embarrassed.  (It’s been a really tough season, y’all.)

Of course the rest of my family has completely had it with family time at this point, with three teenagers and a husband all home now, all the time.  But we are truly blessed to have kids that are loud, but relatively good, and doing their best to keep it together.  Until we all just snap.

So we had the night of “Words that Begin With the Letter C” that ended with so much profanity and screaming that my throat hurt.  (Available by request.)

And last night we had the 45 minute screaming argument about Who Put The Sign On The Popcorn.  I am pretty sure most of the 45 minutes was screaming recaps about why we were arguing.  As far I can tell it was all rooted in me being an only child and having a pathological sugar addiction, but we may never know.  In any case the height of the screaming was the handwriting analysis, pictured here:

It was Bob, y'all.

The bottom center is the original note.  It has to be stipulated that the chain of custody on the evidence was not entirely secure, but let’s just say the grand jury (my mother-in-law) agreed with me (plaintiff, and judge).

And then Fin just went and made her own popcorn.

Stay safe everybody.

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