New Clients!

New Clients!

(Note:  this post is from 2020, but I have updated it bit.  We are happy to see new clients.)

Wow.  Apparently there was some discussion on the Clintonville Discussion Forum and a lot of people I love said some very nice things about me and the job we do here.  I am very grateful, and humbled, especially to the people who recommended me as “just the very best” whom I have never done work for.  God bless you.

So we’ve been getting a lot of calls and emails asking if we are taking new clients and the answer is always, “Yes!”.  Never turn down a client.  But now that things are picking up it’s getting harder and harder to send thoughtful responses to all the inquiries.  So here’s a generic response that I hope will help.

We would love to meet you (in person or virtually) and see if our practice is a good fit.  We do a lot of individual and small business returns.  Our very cheapest returns cost about $180, but most of the returns we produce here cost about $225-$280.  If you have a business or investments or other complications the return will cost more.  I try to be very fair in my pricing and that pricing reflects both the knowledge and experience needed to complete the return properly and the complication of the return.

If we haven’t scared you off yet, please schedule an appointment through the website.  This is the fastest way to get an appointment, and right now time is our most valuable commodity.

I do have a checklist for what to bring, so check it out.

If you still have questions after all this, feel free to email or call.  We do our very best to provide personal attention and advice.

Thank you so much!



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