Just for fun, our first DogBlog

Just for fun, our first DogBlog

Ever since I accepted the fact that I needed to have a website in order to exist in this modern world I have wanted to have a DogBlog.  I love my clients, and I love critters, and my clients love their critters, and I wanted to have some fun.  One person did tell me it wasn’t professional and didn’t want me to do it, but I don’t care any more!  I’m on my 853rd hour of work this week and I am gonna do what I want.

So with permission from her person Tim, this is Patty:

I think Patty looks psychotic here, but Tim insists she is a total sweetie.

And I am not sure what Patty is asking for here, but she better get it, and fast:







And finally, I got a text from Tim one morning apologizing for running late, but it was because, and I quote, “Patty won’t put on her sweater.”



And I am still laughing.

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