Charitable Deductions 2024 Edition, now with QCDs!

"Mommy, please don't donate us to the VoA! We promise we'll be good!" (Spoiler alert: They won't.) Ok, in truth I am not really doing much to this post.  But there have been more questions about charitable donations! My favorite is clients who want me to just take whatever the "limit" is for [...]

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New Clients!

(Note:  this post is from 2020, but I have updated it bit.  We are happy to see new clients.) Wow.  Apparently there was some discussion on the Clintonville Discussion Forum and a lot of people I love said some very nice things about me and the job we do here.  I am very grateful, and [...]

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Extremely Long Screed on Withholding

Ok, I have been meaning to dive into this for a long time, but have been dragging my feet because it is just technical and hard to explain.  But I have had so many clients ask me about how to fix their withholding when they owe at tax time.  And it seems like more and [...]

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Tax Day II Electric Boogaloo: The Re-Taxening: Tax Returns

Happy Tax Day, y'all!  Groundhog Day was a documentary!  Who knew? I am checking out for about a week.  But I'll be back, and we'll start working again. If you have not filed your 2019 tax return, and you are a client in good standing (meaning you have paid for your 2018 return, or at [...]

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Working and Social Security

I've had several clients call me with concerns about working while still receiving their Social Security benefits. There are two issues that seem to get confused and tie everyone into knots.  The first is how much you can work while you are receiving Social Security, and the second is how much of your Social Security [...]

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Do I have to file a return to get a stimulus check? UPDATE

This stimulus payments started coming today, and my phone was ringing. If you have not received your stimulus money you can go here and try to find out when it is coming.  I am seeing no rhyme or reason as to why some people have received it and some have not. If you think that [...]

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More notes from the Stimulus bill

While the payments to individual taxpayers are getting a lot of attention, there are many more provisions to the stimulus bill passed today.  It is going to take a long time to get this sorted out, it is an extremely wide ranging piece of legislation. Here a little bit from one of my professional organizations: [...]

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Energy Credits? What??

A couple of people have asked me if they can still get a credit for new windows, or a furnace or other things like that.  And I shake my head sadly and tell them no, because those credits were not reauthorized with the new tax law in 2018. But yesterday a client called me back [...]

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Your brand new W-4!

Ok!  Your employer just told you that you have to fill in a new W-4.  You are thinking so what, I've done that before.  But surprise!  Remember how the new tax law changed a whole bunch of stuff we had gotten used to?  And how they mucked with the withholding tables and your 2018 tax [...]

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Using the Portal

Ok, no one is really asking this question, but I wasn’t sure where else to put it. In order to keep your information as safe as possible we use a secure online portal to send documents back and forth digitally. The portal is easy to use and you can send documents to me as well. [...]

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