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March 30 Update!

The schedule is closed as of March 30.  This means we cannot accept any new tax prep appointments after March 30.  We need the last two weeks of the season to complete the work already in the office. We want to strongly encourage existing clients to drop off their tax documents so we can get [...]

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Estimated Tax Payments… it’s time again!!

Estimated tax payments (or "quarterlies") are due January 17th, 2023.  These payments are for your 2022 income tax. Why do we have to make estimated tax payments?  Well, our tax system is a pay-as-you-go system, you are supposed to pay tax as you earn income.  That is why you have withholding taken out of your [...]

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New Clients!

(Note:  this post is from 2020, but I have updated it bit.  We are happy to see new clients.) Wow.  Apparently there was some discussion on the Clintonville Discussion Forum and a lot of people I love said some very nice things about me and the job we do here.  I am very grateful, and [...]

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Party like it’s time for 1099s (2023 re-release)

What time is it?  **1099 time**!! Hello my sweet business babies!  As we speed into the new year it’s time to start getting ready for your year end reporting requirements. If you paid for services for anyone who was not an employee, you may be required to file a form 1099-NEC.  The 1099 series are [...]

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Extremely Long Screed on Withholding

Ok, I have been meaning to dive into this for a long time, but have been dragging my feet because it is just technical and hard to explain.  But I have had so many clients ask me about how to fix their withholding when they owe at tax time.  And it seems like more and [...]

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The new 6419s are here!!

Hey, if you have been reading my newsletters (and I know you have!) you know that your Advance Child Tax Credit payments must be reported and reconciled on your 2021 tax return.  You should also know that the IRS will be sending Letter 6419 to you that will show the total of those payments, and [...]

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Advance Child Tax Credits (ACTC)

This is might seem familiar to the 3 or 4 of you that read my emails, but I wanted to get it here on the website where it would be easier to find and reference. Advance payments of the Child Tax Credit were set to begin July 15 and end December 15, 2021. For the [...]

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Business bookkeeping update!!

Warning:  This is a very long post, and I wrote it when I was in a VERY BAD MOOD.  So I am trying to tone it down a bit, but it is still important information! A reminder that I am raising my bookkeeping rates starting with the 2022 bookwork.  My base fee is now $90 [...]

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My kid took my debit card again, so OSCPA bought the groceries.

It’s my business, it’s my money!  Right??  Well… Let’s talk about using your business account for personal spending. One of the things I really stress for my small business clients is that you really need to have dedicated business bank account.  There are all kinds of good reasons to have a business bank account and [...]

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